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Meet Saddie. Saddie is a happy cat who is extremely playful and likes to attack feet under the blankets. She is very good natured and likes to talk to her food and her toys. However her back leg was dislocated and it sometimes bothers her when the weather changes. She needs special accommodations to get up on furniture. She is so active and playful, you might not even notice that her leg doesn't sit right. But with your support, she will get the extra care and attention she needs.

Meet Scrapplar Nooble. Scrappy is a complete doll baby. She has one of the sweetest temperaments I have ever seen in a cat. She is one of a kind and one of only 2 cats I have ever seen march with 3 feet! Unfortunately, Scrappy got into a small amount of anti-freeze and miraculously, she lived but she now has seizures. With your support, she will have a permanent home here and a permanent place in my heart.

Meet Beijing, she came to us as a kitten over ten years ago. She refused to tame. She was never mean but completely feral. Her skin would crawl if you tried to touch her and she would plaster herself to the back of her kennel every time you came near. After ten years of this, I had no real hope that she would ever tame. Then she got Feline Infectious Anemia from a recent flea outbreak. She was very sick and needed constant monitoring. So we brought her over to the house. She weighs barely 4 lbs so we were really concerned when she started losing weight. One day when Gene was cleaning her kennel, she got out and we couldn't catch her. Then 2 days later she ran into our bedroom, jumped up on the bed and announced we could pay homage to the cat. It took ten years for her to decide she liked us. Cases like Beijing are rare. Most other rescues will not keep feral cats. But each time she gives me a full face nuzzle, I know it was worth the wait! Your donations make miracles like this one possible!

Meet Princess Boobakoo:

Princess Boobakoo has polydactalism which means she has extra toes. Normally this isn't a big deal, however, in her case, her extra toes where severely deformed and they had to be removed because she had problems walking.  She still seems to have phantom pains and she is a very loveable but extremely skiddish cat. Her personality makes it very unlikely that she will ever find a home but she fits in very well right here with us.

Meet Cairo:

Cairo has a pancreatic disorder. His pancreas stopped breaking down his food and even though he was eating, he was starving to death. He quickly went from a 17 lb. cat down to about 3 lbs. He is on special enzymes that helps him break down his food and is a healthy 17 lb. cat again. Being a pet that has to have daily medicine to survive, it is very unlikely that he will ever find a home, so he has a permanent home here with us. 

Meet Blueberry:

Blueberry has nerve damage and slight brain damage. He will be running and forget to stop and crash into a wall. He will be running down the steps and forget to put his front paws out and roll down the last 3 steps. His reactions to everyday situations isn't always normal or predictable. Due to this, Blueberry will not likely ever find a home, but he is an exuberantly happy cat who is a beloved member of the AOAR family.

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Pictures and Stories of all of "Our Special Needs Kids".  Please bare with us; there is ALOT of them!

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Over 60% of our residents are unplaceable and will never find a home.  They have medical problems, behavioral problems, or mental problems that make them very unlikely that they will ever be placed. So we give them a forever home with us. This creates a lot of expenses as you can image. But with the help of our supporters,  we can ensure that every pet has a forever home, no matter what problems they may have. We believe every pet deserves a chance at happiness!