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We have raised $2215 so far . . . Help us meet our goal by Spring!

Please Help Us Meet Our Goal!

We are currently raising funds to get a new roof. We have very little time to raise $90,000 for a new roof or me may have to close the rescue down. Please Donate whatever you can afford to help us continue this worthy cause!

Animal Rescue League

& Wildlife Center

We recently rescued 4 baby skunks from the NETL Pittsburgh Site. Their mother was tragically hit by a car and they were too small to fend for themselves and ended up causing quite the traffic jam. I was able to scoop them up and get them to the Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center in Verona PA. They were happy to take the little guys, but they need your help. It costs roughly $70 a week to keep a skunk! And there were four of them! And they will be there for 5 or 6 months! That's a lot of expenses! Please make a donation on the Skunks behalf to help pay for their care and lodging! Click on the babies to go straight to their website!

Meet Monte'.

Monte' is a poor little kitten that was apparently thrown from a moving car by his ear. The trauma left poor Monte' deaf and the bleeding around his brain left him temporarily blind. So poor Monte' just squatted down and stayed where he was, which was the middle of a busy street and cars dove right over him. Until someone stopped and rescued him and brought him to us. Monte' did eventually get his vision back and the hearing in one ear, but he lost part of his ear from the trauma and has mild brain damage from the impact. He is a very sweet little cat who has a habit of peeing on the floor while sleep walking. He is one of our "Special Needs Kids" and will probably never find a home. Your donations make it possible to pay for the ongoing costs that enable us  give pets like Monte' a forever home here with us.