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At AOAR, we try to do our part to reduce our "Paw Print" on the Earth.  We use energy saving light bulbs . We re-use the bags the litter and cat food comes in as trash bags.  We use Earth-Friendly Bio-Degradable Pine Pellet litter instead of clay litter. We also recycle all cans, plastics and glass.

About Us:

If you are just looking for a "cat", then you have come  to the wrong place. If you are looking to adopt a family member, then this is the rescue for you.  Each one of these animal, I treat as my children.  And that's why, here at AOAR, we go the extra mile to ensure that they are getting the best possible home. If you feel our methods are a bit extreme; then you don't consider a cat or a dog a member of the family and this is not the rescue for you. We don't make you jump threw quite as many hoops as Angelina Jolie did while adopting Maddox, but we want to be absolutely certain when one of our children leave our care, that they are going to the very best of homes. So yes, we run background checks, and yes we do surprise visits, and yes we hold people to the contracts they sign. If this sounds like over-kill to you, then

 . .. . . DONT"T APPLY!!!!!!                     

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